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The Importance of Water Leak Detection and Finding the Right Pros

Your house is a system of pipes and wiring that is concealed behind the walls, below the floor and over the ceiling. Those pipes hold both fresh water and wastewater, and if they crack open somewhere on your property, you’ll end up requiring some key repairs. If you have this problem, make sure to call a water leak detection and repair expert.

Detecting Leaks

These are some of the most usual indications of a water leak:

Water noise – If all your faucets are closed you can hear the sound of water flowing or dripping, most probably there’s a leak.

Drippy faucet – Among of the most obvious signs of a leak is when it’s happening right before your eyes. With a leaky faucet, you can waste tons of water in the course of a year.

Wet areas areas in wall, ceiling or floor- This could be due to a leaky water pipe.

Significant increase in water bill – If your bill has gone up without any significant increase in water usage, this may be due to loss of unused water.

Unusually low water pressure – If you find the water pressure in your faucets or shower heads quite low, this could indicate a water leak.

Undetected Leak Scenario

On top of driving up your water bill, water leaks can significantly reduce the aesthetic and structural quality of your home, depending on the specific points where they occur.

Interior damage – A leak that occurs behind a wall or on the floor will require you to replace the damaged flooring or drywall, which could be quite costly.

External and foundation damage – A leak occurring outside your home is likely to cause damage to your surrounding landscape. If the leak occurs very close to the house itself, expect significant issues with your home’s foundation.

Finding Good Water Leak Detection Pros

Obviously, not all water leak detection services are the same, and finding the one that’s best for you may not be so easy. First off, pick a leak detection service that has been there for some time. In most cases, this means they have perfected their craft and will do everything to protect their reputation. This will also help keep you away from fly-by-night companies that don’t provide a warranty for their work.

If you do have a leak, the last thing you want is to pay a fortune for digging and guess-based repair. Make it a point to pick a company that makes use of high-tech equipment such as advanced thermal imaging, smoke tester, video inspection, and the rest. This shows how serious they are in giving their clients the best. No jackhammers or bulldozers!You don’t want them to use jackhammers or bulldozers! Jackhammers and bulldozers should be out of the picture unless completely necessary.

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