Who is Jim Plante?

Difficult life circumstances can knock a person down. Hardships frequently set an individual’s course for decades to come. It is rare to find someone who will take negative experiences and funnel their energies into not only bettering himself but creating a world that moves toward eliminating the original problem for others who share his heartache. Then again, the world has been blessed with highly motivated and compassionate people who do just that.

Who is Jim Plante?

With a degree in electrical engineering and experience in the investment and technology worlds, Mr. Plante has put his experiences and expertise to work for the general population. Whether developing safety features for cars to detect objects in a driver’s path at Beltronics, working on increased capacity communications at E-Band Communications, or leading the way to create an integrated program for the safety of commercial vehicles at SmartDrive Systems, Mr. Plante has shown concern for the safety and betterment of the global community.

The most powerful motivator to work for others that Mr. Plante has experienced may be the diagnosis of Polycystic Kidney Disease that first his father and then he himself received years later. From his experiences, Pathway Genomics was born.

What is Pathway Genomics?

After losing his father to kidney failure and requiring a kidney transplant himself, Mr. Plante decided the population at large needed greater access to advanced genetic testing that could inform decisions of and treat other individuals with diseases passed down genetically.

The goal is to detect the risks of such serious conditions as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and sensitivity to certain prescribed medications for people whose families have experienced these conditions previously. Mr. Plante has sought to make this information more widely available to those who need it.

In addition to his work at Pathway Genomics, Mr. Plante is also a member of the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research and the International Trade Advisory Committee. He has been vital in founding Thynk Capital, an investment firm specializing in healthcare-focused technology and biotechnology. He has also sought to improve quality and length of life, address issues of cognitive functioning in the aging, address kidney function, and decrease the impact of diabetes and cancer through his biotechnical Klotho Therapeutics, which seeks to recreate a version of the Klotho human protein. Thankfully, Mr. Plante is inspirational in his betterment of the world out of his own difficulties.